Experiences of our clients

Grade: 9,5

“After 20 years my porcelain crowns have been replaced by zirconium crowns and my teeth are beautiful again I now feel a lot younger again! Great service and enthusiastic team.”

Grade: 9,3

“The entire treatment was experienced as pleasant. Bringing the teeth back into optimal condition consisted of several treatments. Of course, that is not always a pleasant thing, but it is necessary. Especially the clear explanation of the dentist during the treatment is reassuring. It has a calming effect.”

Grade: 9,7

“After 17 years my gums had receded under 10 crowns in my upper jaw, received a new set of crowns yesterday, really beautiful, I am very happy with it. Went very quickly and smoothly, was ready within 3 weeks. Tightly organized clinic, can definitely recommend. I have been a patient of Mr. Michels satisfactorily.”


Grade: 9,7

“The treatments that I have had with dentist Michels testify to very careful analysis, implementation, explanation and extremely patient-friendly. The appointments for the treatments were made in quick succession, including very good cooperation and communication with the dental technician around the corner. The assistant was also always ready for an optimal and reassuring treatment. Excellent teamwork!”